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Perumahan Jakarta Selatan

Perumahan Jakarta Selatan - Bintaro Jaya housing as one of the best in the residential area of South Jakarta carrying housing concept "The Professional's City" by providing a high level of comfort amenities for young executives and is supported by the concept of an integrated and environmentally friendly housing.

Bintaro Jaya is The Professional's City with Ecommunity concept. One integrated concept from one of the developers of the housing estate in southern Jakarta is implementing the Ecommunity, namely housing combines features and a variety of amenities at the residence and the surrounding environment.

The concept of The Bintaro Jaya Professional's City is divided into several categories, among others: Ecommunity

Health Care
The concept of housing that is supporting efforts to create a cleaner air (Fresh water) and water hygiene and consumed with concern for decent standardizing the use of building materials and the building of infrastructure that can support health. Such As:

The use of water-based Paint, which can optimize the use of the building's paint is non-toxic and made from water that is safer and healthier for the environment.
Biotank utilization by using a variety of tools that can accelerate decomposition of solid waste and not pollute the environment.
The use of Grease Trap in the form of the use of certain installations to separate the fat and waste water so that water becomes wastewater more clean and hygienic.
Optimization of the use of Vegetation to reduce air pollution by maximizing the ratio of open green space and the selection of the type of plants that have a high intensity in the absorption of CO2 and Pb as well as other harmful substances to neutralize pollutants so that the air becomes more clean, cool, and comfortable.

Earth Care
The concept of care for the environment and the preservation of nature (Green Peace) by encouraging the preservation of forests and the environment that is focused on the reduction of the use of wood as a building material and natural resources conservation. The concept of Earth Care include:

The selection of building materials that do update as the use of steel roof truss/zincalume steel frame ceiling, from the hollow, sills and doors of wood fabrication in order to minimize excessive use of wood in order to help the forest conservation efforts.
Material selection and use of maximise grass Carport block to increase the absorption of water into the soil.
The use of Biopori Technique using cylindrical holes filled with organic waste that can help increase water absorption into the soil.
Application of Roof Garden, building designs that utilize the roof garden can at least help lower indoor air temperature at the same time be able to ward off air pollution.

Energy Care
The concept that helped the citizens in the process of saving on energy consumption as well as reduce the cost of electric power use with care about the use of/system that can reduce energy consumption. The concept of Energy Care including:

Optimization of lighting and natural air circulation by maximizing the openings in the walls of buildings in order to minimize the use of lights and AIR CONDITIONING are exaggerated.
The use of Water Elements such as applying building design equipped with outdoor air indoors in order to give the impression of cool and can lower the temperature within the space.
The use of a gravity System by providing clean water installations using rooftank to reduce power consumption in the drain water.
The use of Aluminum Foil that is applied in the framework of the roof can save the use of AIR CONDITIONING.
Includes tree planting in front of the building can reduce the weather conditions being as hot as Nam-nam-planting, flower Queen, mahogany, Cambodia, Handkerchiefs, Flowers etc.

When you select one of the residence in South Jakarta's Housing, it is a very precise decisions and profitably for you, your family, and the

Why does your right decisions and profitably? Since the occupancy in Bintaro Jaya The Professional's City is it referring to the convenience and cleanliness of the environment.Bintaro Jaya Perumahan terdepan di Selatan Jakarta
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